Aptus Payroll Solution – Powered by KeyPay


A cloud-based payroll and workforce management solution 

Aptus Business Solutions’ Payroll Solution is now fully integrated with Sage Intacct. Powered by KeyPay, this solution uses cloud-based workforce management and KeyPay’s payroll platform that automates the flow of data from the employee, through to payroll and back to the business in a single cloud platform.


All-in-one cloud payroll features include:

  • Employee self-service
  • Employee mobile app
  • Leave and expense management
  • Time and attendance app
  • Single Touch Payroll – ATO compliant
  • Rostering
  • Award interpretation
  • Pay condition engine
  • Automated super calculations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • 24/7 support
  • Branded solution for Program Partners
  • Seamless integration with major accounting platform


Aptus’ Payroll solution can be accessed from anywhere – it is a true cloud application. Employees can also access all their employment-related details via WorkZone. 


Compliance and process

Aptus’ Payroll solution takes compliance seriously. One change to information displayed or not displayed on a payslip can mean non-compliance. Aptus’ Payroll solution does not allow this – the platform provides enough flexibility to suit your unique scenario whilst simultaneously ensuring compliance across all facets of payroll. Some examples are: 


  • Automating the expiry of deductions and allowances 
  • Automating super-threshold calculations for under and over 18s 
  • Automatically calculates the super quarterly cap 
  • Automating deductions and payments to third-party bank accounts e.g. child support deductions 
  • Reporting at a journal or location level 
  • Automating modern award wage calculations (e.g. employee levels). 
  • Flexibility with award – (EA, Awards). 



Employees can access all their employment records through any web-enabled device and have the flexibility to: 

  • access their payslips and payment summaries 
  • update their personal information 
  • submit leave requests 
  • view their rostered shifts 
  • create timesheets 
  • log expense claims 


Employee Self Service

Employees can also access the employee portal through the KeyPay employee mobile app, WorkZone, catering to those constantly on the run or constantly attached to their phones! 


Leave Management

Aptus’ Payroll solution provides the flexibility to cater for different leave entitlement scenarios within a business. You can set up different accrual entitlements on a per hour worked or per pay run basis, enable specific leave categories on a per-employee basis and set which pay categories should or shouldn’t accrue leave. Public holiday management Aptus’ Payroll solution provides an up to date set of public holidays, automatically across all states and territories. You can also customise these to include applicable local and regional public holidays. Pre & Post Tax Deductions. 


Public holiday management

Aptus’ Payroll solution provides an up to date set of public holidays, automatically across all states and territories. We can also customise these to include applicable local and regional public holidays.


Pre & Post Tax Deductions

Aptus’ Payroll solution has the ability to automate payroll deductions, both pre and post-tax, into employees’ bank accounts and super funds. We can set these to automatically expire after a fixed amount of time, or after a certain amount has been reached. 


Termination Calculations

Aptus’ Payroll solution’s termination wizard eliminates the complicated process of manually calculating payout entitlements – whether it be a resignation or genuine redundancy. It will automatically process all leave types to be paid out, determine taxable and tax-free amounts and calculate the PAYG according to the ATO’s specifications. 


Super Payments

SuperStream compliance has never been easier when using Aptus’ Payroll solution – the platform we use has been certified as a gold level SuperStream product. Aptus’ Payroll solution integration with ClickSuper allows us to automatically process super contributions with the click of a button. You can choose to process monthly, quarterly or at any other custom period that suits your business. 


ATO Reporting

Reduce manual processing by generating ATO compliant reports from within Aptus’ Payroll solution and submitting these directly to the ATO via the ATO Business Portal or the ATO ECI Interface. Aptus’ Payroll Solution is also SBR enabled, thereby facilitating the ability to electronically lodge Tax File Declarations and Payment Summaries directly to the ATO on your behalf. 


Manager Notifications

Managers can configure automatic email notifications to manage employee leave and expense requests, employee unavailability, timesheet submissions and shift declines. Managers can also opt to receive daily reminder emails identifying all pending requests waiting to be approved, thus ensuring managers are constantly updated on employee events without having to be logged in. Employee Notifications Automatically notify staff they’ve been paid or rostered to work via push notifications, SMS or email. Payslip notifications can be published upon completion of the pay run or be scheduled at a later date. 


Employee Notifications

Aptus’ Payroll solution also automatically sends notification emails to employees regarding any leave or expense requests submitted, including updates to those requests. 


Multiple Employing Entities

Easily manage two or more employing entities within one business. We can tailor your payslips, business and ATO settings per entity and bulk re-assign staff from one entity to another. Filter reports and ATO lodgements by entity. 


Multiple Businesses

Aptus’ Payroll solution is designed to handle multiple businesses with ease. Users can manage payroll for 1 or 100 businesses all from the same login. Each business can be configured with its own payroll settings and user access can be granted on a per business basis. Recurring pay run inclusions Deductions, allowances, expenses, liabilities, super or PAYG adjustments – set up any of these recurring transactions against an employee once and never worry about it again. These will automatically appear in the pay run based on the start and expiry dates you have specified. 



Aptus’ Payroll solution’s reports and associated report features ensure businesses have all the information they need to report on legislated obligations and make informed decisions on staff wages. Access our extensive report library to obtain data on employees, pay runs, superannuation, PAYG and more. 

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