5 challenges that create headaches for CFOs in Professional Services

The best Christmas present for every Professional Services CFO is predictable and visible cash flow, increased productivity, fast payments, streamlined processes, and a future-proofed and scalable financial and project management solution.


Experts in guiding businesses along their digital transformation journey, we can support you in working faster and smarter, driving your business forward.


Let us help you in understanding how your organisation can plan for a new year free from the challenges of a software solution no longer fit for ‘your’ purpose. The most common pain points are:


Costs that run away with you

Implementing a cloud-based solution allows you to manage costs and evolve as a business without investment in hardware or infrastructure, and there’s no cost to maintain or upgrade and no need for system administrators. The perfect way to future proof your investment with a scalable solution that allows you to grow and evolve with ease.


Changing implementation timelines and costs

The straightforward part is making the decision to move to a new finance or ERP solution which is often a decision dependent on cost and time to implement. The challenge comes in the adherence to both.

To avoid delays in ‘go-live’, constant changes to scope and creeping costs, it is essential that you do your homework and select a strategic partner and trusted advisor who works with you to agree on realistic timings and budget, making the implementation smoother and less of a headache.


Managing manual processes across complex project accounting

Accounting for Professional Services is not always easy and manually processing and patching together spreadsheets or systems can start to have a negative impact. With automated project accounting, your data moves seamlessly across your business in easily customisable, unified workflows. You can manage projects and profitability by tracking project costs, expediting time-and-expense processes and accelerating project billing.


Visibility across the full project lifecycle

Visual dashboards and flexible reporting are key to giving you a holistic view of your business from any perspective, top to bottom. See profit-and-loss by business/service, project, manager, region, customer type, task or choose from many other dimensions and metrics – all in real-time – so you know what to improve and where to invest. With secure user-based access, your project teams can make smart decisions and optimise resource use as needed.


Disparate systems and lack of integration

Business accounting software needs to integrate with other software, data, tools, and Professional Services Automation (PSA) for greater efficiency and competitive advantage. From CRM to project and resource management, it’s key that your system can seamlessly integrate with best-in-class solutions providing you with the flexibility to use other business-critical programs and maintaining data integrity.


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