Australian Farmers see Green Shoots of Recovery

Thank goodness Australian farmers and their communities are a resilient lot, given the tough couple of years they’ve had to endure.

It’s not all bad news though and quite unexpectedly, COVID 19 has delivered some positive outcomes and created opportunities to re-energise regional parts of the country.

Where once sacrifices had to be made regarding living and working in the city, the “new normal” of working from home has opened up opportunities so that people no longer have to make that choice.

The knock-on effect is a breath of new life into regional communities; a boost to the local economies, new schools and improved infrastructure all adding to the appeal of a treechange.

There is no doubt that Australian agribusiness has been put under enormous pressure and has had to flex, evolve and change direction on numerous occasions.

However, renewed investment in regional areas and a brighter outlook with rainfall, crops and cattle will drive confidence and prosperity as we look to the future.


About Sage X3

According to CSIRO research, COVID19 has also raised consumer awareness of the importance of food security and Sage X3 provides end to end traceability from paddock to plate, seamlessly integrating all processes and ensuring adherence to quality controls such as HACCP and ISO.

To learn more about Sage X3 and the solutions designed to enhance your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Looking forward to the conversation.