There are a few tools available but the one I would give serious thought to would be to use Info-Explorer from Orchid Systems.

What is it?

Info-Explorer is a versatile, intuitive tool providing affordable Business Intelligence, with features normally only available to very large companies. Employ it just for its analysis power, or to prepare detailed budgets and forecasts, from within the same tool.

Consider combining with Orchid Optional Tables to store budget data, and with Orchid Process Scheduler to automate data refresh and distribution of information.


Gain in-depth insight into your true business performance, using current data. Explore many views from within a single cube, rather than relying on multiple reports. Change dimensions (e.g. product, customer, region, period, employee) for clearer insight, and identify trends or exceptions. Drill through to data entry screens for full detail, or keep it high level.


Prepare budgets and forecasts quickly and easily. Review and refine your projections, combining multi-dimensional analysis with instant roll-up/consolidation. Control which fields to use, and how they are presented. Save changes back to your cubes, and optionally to the Sage 300 database (or other database) using the Info-Explorer Writeback feature.

Key Features of Info-Explorer

  • Real time data analysis. Fed from your database, with background in-memory processing
  • Slice and dice for self-service analysis. Dynamically control your view. Filter your data, add and remove facts and dimensions.
  • Drill through to Sage 300 data entry screens for more information, or roll up and consolidate to focus on high level results.
  • Create and save multiple views, and convert to charts.
  • Include external data from other application databases (SQL & ODBC), e.g. CRM data.
  • Include user-defined calculations on cube data.
  • Budget beyond GL level, bottom up or top down, using multiple spread methods.
  • Create your own dashboards, highlighting exceptions and trends.
  • Easy formatting – create your own styles to highlight results – e.g. “traffic light” reporting.
  • Personalise – use custom styles to highlight amended data.
  • Sample cubes available to get you started, or you can create your own.
  • Works online or offline.
  • Export views to Microsoft Excel , CSV or HTML.
  • Security options to keep your data secure.


Benefits of Info-Explorer

  • Improved productivity and decision making through easy access to better information.
  • Improved customer service through better customer insights.
  • Analyse operational metrics for quick visibility of potential problem areas.
  • Faster budget preparation, with greater detail.
  • Budget with greater insight, slicing & dicing both actual and budget data using the same interface.
  • The familiarity of a spreadsheet-type layout, but without the limitations of spreadsheets.
  • Avoid time-consuming and inefficient processes to extract and prepare data.
  • Reduced risk of error, increasing confidence in the accuracy of your data.
  • Free the IT Department from routine reporting tasks.


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