With all the facts now at your fingertips, it’s time to make the best ERP selection for your evolving cannabusiness.

Review your need

Before you make a final decision on the ‘best fit’ ERP solution for your cannabusiness, let’s take a quick look back at the key areas that need to influence your decision. Remember to look for an ERP solution:

  • that’s a single system solution built to manage your entire business. Seed to sale as well as full financials.
  • that allows you to walk away from manual processes and automate your financial and operational processes giving you greater accuracy and efficiency gains whilst saving money.
  • that gives you a real-time view and reporting on expenditure from raw materials through to finished goods.
  • that has the capability to track sales, monitor supplies, oversee shipments, and records where products originate from and how often they need re-ordering.
  • that can utilise the data captured and understand how to achieve a cost effective and productive grow operation.


Embrace Innovation

Operating in a constantly evolving cannabusiness industry, you’ll know just how tough it can be to stay on top in such a fast-paced environment.

The need to be agile, adaptable and informed is a given, and all whilst maintaining your focus on growth and compliance.

To ensure you continue to deliver positive results business-wide, it’s an absolute necessity to implement a solution that is:

  •  scalable and adaptable to your growth and the changes within your business
  • easy to integrate with other software systems such as CRM and can capture AI and data from multiple sources.
  • built on a trusted platform with strong referenceability, functional fit and aggressive implementation timeframes.
  • enabled for web, mobile, and app-driven access.
  • available as a cloud solution so that it’s easily configurable and can grow as you grow.


Be Compliant

It’s a given that your cannabusiness must stay ahead of legislative requirements which is easier said than done in a fast-paced and highly regulated environment.

Key is to have complete seed to sale traceability from the growing plant through to the end customer. You need effective tracking and reporting capabilities to ensure all regulatory requirements are met. As a minimum, look for an ERP solution that not only supports traceability and transparency but manages all aspects of seed to sale including:

  • Inventory management
  • Recipe and formula management
  • Production
  • Quality
  • Sales

A truly bespoke cannabusiness solution goes a step further and can help your organisation be accountable in meeting compliance requirements through:

  • Process metrics and reporting
  • Inventory management and recalls
  • Tracing a cannabis strain
  • A secure platform


Business Intelligence

The value of in-depth insights into the performance of your cannabusiness cannot be underestimated and gives you the ability to understand exactly what’s happening operationally and commercially within your operation.

Analytics that give you a complete view of your operation from seed to sale, report on key metrics, financials, and key business metrics help you to make the best decisions and move your business forward.

A data driven decision is the best decision.  


Aptus Business Solutions

As a certified Sage and Nextec partner, we have bags of experience in helping organisations meet their cannabusiness technology requirements.

Built for cannabis companies, CannaBusiness ERP is integrated with Sage X3 and configured by Nextec industry experts to deliver a complete cannabis business solution.

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