Blog: Christmas Afterglow and New Beginnings

It’s that in-between time when we’re looking forward to the promise of what the new year will bring as well as having the end of year downtime to enjoy the treats and gifts that Christmas gave us.  


Young or old, we’ve all received a favourite new ‘toy’ or special gift that will gives us hours of joy before January kicks in.  


Whatever it is – a new car or bike, a phone or games console, there’s always one thing that creates more excitement than anything else.  


When a gift is so warmly received, it’s down to the individual who chose it for putting thought into and understanding exactly what that perfect present is.  


Planning for a New ERP Solution  


Careful thought and planning the right purchase should not be exclusive to Christmas though and has an equally important role when making commercial investments. 


Take software solutions as an example. To be sure that it’s going to be the right fit for your organisation, you really need to take it for a ‘test drive’ and that’s why a well-planned demo is key. And, if you start thinking about it at the start of the year, you will reap the rewards and achieve ROI before Santa’s next visit.  


Key Tips to Prepare for an Effective ERP Demo  


As with any demo, suppliers put their best foot forward to show you their product or solution at its most impressive. This definitely gives you an idea of capability and functionality but doesn’t necessarily demonstrate the true value for your business.  


The following tips show you how to achieve better insights and meet the objectives of your planned demo 


  1. Provide realistic timescales to the supplier, giving them adequate time to properly prepare for your demo. When scoped properly, the more targeted and relevant the demo will be.
  2. Always request that your own data be used so you can see typical scenarios from within your business play out as part of the demo, giving insights into daily activity and the improvements and efficiencies gained.
  3. Engage your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from different parts of the organisation so that each department can see the functionality they require from the system, and are comfortable that it does what is needed from their perspective. The best fit solution will mirror your processes rather than being generic. 
  4. Be clear on your understanding that what you see is included in any proposal that you receive. Confirm the scope and timelines. 
  5. Be realistic about the duration of your demo given how much information you can absorb and exactly what you need to see. Wherever possible, record it!  


5 Rewards Gained from an Effective ERP Demo


A wellplanned ERP demo should not only give you valuable practical insights but will also provide you with visibility of the value that it can bring to your organisation, not least the following 5 advantages 


  1. Provides potential suppliers with an opportunity to differentiate their offering which in turn allows you to select the most appropriate solution for your organisation.
  2. Reduces time spent on the selection process because the demo is targeting your exact requirements.
  3. Reduces the cost and time spent scoping your implementation. 
  4. Gives potential suppliers valuable insights enabling an increased understanding of your requirements, and increased accuracy of estimated costs. 
  5. Allows you to deselect unsuitable suppliers and focus on those who are the best fit for your organisation.  


Choosing the Best Fit Solution Made Easy  


There’s an expression that “the more you put in, the more you get out.” Before planning for and agreeing the content of your demo, think long and hard about what you’d like it to deliver in order for you to make the best possible decision in selecting your new ERP solution. Be clear in your needs, objectives, and expectations to ensure that all requirements will be met or even exceeded.  


Aptus Business Solutions  


As a certified Sage Partner, we have bags of experience in delivering professional and highly relevant demos to support your ERP selection process.  


From the outset, we get to know your pain points, listen to what’s working and show you where improvements can be made 


If you’d like to see a demo of Sage Intacct and/or Sage X3 and how we can work with you to implement a system to match the way you do things, please get in touch or call 1300 998 594 


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