AR-AP Settlements for Sage 300 (A/O) allows the settlement of open Receivable documents with open Payable
documents, or vice versa. This is useful when the same company is defined as an A/R Customer as well as an A/P
Vendor in Sage 300.
AR-AP Settlements for Sage 300 optionally allows One Sided Settlements when you settle open documents in
Receivables against each other or open documents in Payable’s against each other.
In addition to the above, while making a vendor payment, AR-AP Settlements will let you know the amount that the payee
owes you. Similarly, while making a customer receipt, you will know how much you owe that payer.


  • Settles outstanding transactions from A/R and A/P
  • Settles transactions with different source currencies
  • Settlements are posted to A/R and A/P as Adjustments
  • Optionally creates Receipt/Payment for the balance of
    the settlement group
  • One-to-Many and Many-to-Many Settlements
  • Allows distribution of settlement amount over multiple
  • Keeps complete audit log of settlements
  • Automatic Settlements.
  • One-Sided Settlements.
  • Combined AR-AP Statement and Inquiry.
  • Settlements Batch Listing can be printed and verified
    prior to posting.
  • Settlement form.
  • Supports flexible Settlement Groups.
  • Settles the following document types: Invoice, Debit
    Note, Credit Note, Receipt, Prepayment and Un-applied

Benefits as a result of Implementing AR-AP Settlements:

  • Reduced number of manual adjustments.
  • Settlement of a number of documents in a single
  • Settlement of the documents belonging to the same
    Settlement Group with a single click using Automatic
  • Reduced ongoing costs with easy installation,
    configuration & support.

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