What’s the difference between a full-service host and Azure/AWS?

The Cloud Hosting market today

Cloud hosting is a flexible, cost-efficient way to host your ERP applications. The Iaas (infrastructure as a service) market is estimated to be worth $64.3 billion in 2021. Cloud hosting provides an unparalleled level of flexibility, with most organisations selecting this hosting solution for their ERP applications.

Amazon (AWS) is currently the world market leader for Cloud hosting, followed by Microsoft (Azure), Google Cloud, and Alibaba. At Aptus, we offer cloud hosting solutions to our clients for ERP applications. With competition starting to heat up in the cloud computing world, and with so many options out there, how do you choose a hosting solution that fits your organisation?


The main features

When looking for a hosting solution for ERP applications, organisations are generally looking for:

  • Performance – Depending on your hosting needs and the size of your applications, you need scalable, high-performance infrastructure. The Aptus Data Centre uses enterprise-grade infrastructure, as do the main Iaas market leaders.
  • Security – You want the back end to be looked after with the latest patches, and updates. Your firewall should be monitored 24/7 and 256-bit encryption is a must. Essentially, your provider should be able to stop cyberattacks before they happen.
  • Uptime – A hosted server should be up at least 98% during each year.

As far as capabilities go, the market leaders offer primarily similar features and services, and plans can be relatively inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. For ERP hosting, the price will rise if you have more modules or a complex system, no matter which ERP hosting provider you choose.


So what’s the main difference between Aptus full-service hosting and the big market leaders?

Backups and disaster recovery.

The Aptus team guarantee that back-up copies of your hosted data are made at least daily, the backups are tested, and that copies are securely stored for a minimum period of 30 days at no extra cost.


Server management.

As a part of our IT service plan, our expert team don’t just provide you with a server, they manage your server with a personal approach. We know all of your applications and we test every update to ensure that your applications won’t be affected.

Our team monitors our servers and we will tell you if your machine has too many or too few resources for the size of the server, so you won’t get charged for resources you don’t use.

Aptus provides firewalls and anti-virus software for your hosted applications, the market leaders will not provide either of these, costing you more time and money.


Every hosting plan with Aptus includes ongoing 24/7 support. Our team is here to support you 24/7.

We have a different approach to the market leaders, we provide a customer-focused experience. We’re just a phone call away any time of day, we won’t put you on hold for an hour or take 2-4 business days to respond. All of this is part of your hosting plan, there are no additional fees.


Aptus Business Solutions works with you to ensure the ideal hosting solution for your ERP applications. To find a hosting solution to fit the needs of your organisation, contact us.