Ever Thought about Running your Sage X3 and Sage 300 ERP Solutions with Just a Browser and Internet Connection? Well now you can!

  • With more than 25 successful years working exclusively alongside Sage Australia, we are the ‘go to’ experts for all things Sage – knowledge, delivery, and customer service.
  • We guarantee 98% uptime. We’d be even more bullish, but we know our regular system enhancement updates make up the rest!
  • We know we’re competitively priced and include infrastructure management, upgrades and back-ups in our subscription plan. All the extras, no hidden costs!


Why Aptus?


Subscription-Based Pricing – pay as you go on a monthly basis means no hefty upfront costs in infrastructure, making money available for other purchases and providing greater flexibility.


Customisation and Product Enhancements – our data platform allows you to customise your applications quickly and effectively. Being a trusted partner for Sage Australia, we have full visibility of upcoming Sage product upgrades to ensure seamless rollouts and zero impact on your customisations. Seeing down the track means no bumps in the road.


Technical Support – Aptus has a team of highly skilled technical support specialists who are on hand 24/7 in the event of a fault. As all hardware, software and applications are hosted in the Aptus data centre, we can rapidly pinpoint and fix issues, guaranteeing 98% uptime.


Our expert team will ensure that your software performs to optimum levels and will host, manage, and maintain your software across multiple servers and levels of data redundancy.


Dynamic (hot) Back-Ups – having Enterprise-grade infrastructure means that Aptus can run regular daily hot back-ups in near real-time and when systems are up and running with new data constantly being generated and captured. Data back up is handled effectively and business operations are not impacted.


SLA’s – ambitious service levels with guaranteed uptime, fast performance, and robust data privacy protection demonstrates Aptus’s commitment to exceptional performance and confirms their reputation in delivering the highest level of service.


We Know Sage – as a specialist in Sage ERP hosting, we have specifically designed our data centre from the ground up, giving you access to Enterprise-grade infrastructure. which is maintained and upgraded to ensure reliability and innovation.


We partner exclusively with Sage Australia; their solutions are our core business and at the heart of our expertise. Understanding Sage X3 and Sage 300 so well gives us the best credentials to deliver a hosting solution that fulfils your exact requirements and exceeds expectation.


It pays to know exactly how your hosting solution stacks up against the alternative. Get in touch with our experts today to find out how you can save time and money with a superior solution exclusive to Sage X3 and Sage 300 and take the hassle out of hosting.