Notes + Document Management Link Bundle – Orchid Remote Working Offer (Expired)

What is the Bundle Offer?

Orchid Systems is offering 5 x user licences to Sage Australia customers who purchase Notes & Document Management Link (DML) together. (DML normally comes with one user. The bundle offer will support an additional 4 concurrent users for 12 months at no extra charge.)

Why this offer, and why now?

The COVID-19 crisis has forced staff from companies large and small to start working from home in unprecedented numbers, with the change occurring almost literally overnight. Current indications are that these arrangements will remain in place for several months. Many businesses are scrambling to provide tools that will enable their workers to keep up their productivity and allow critical business operations to continue functioning.

  • Notes allows context-sensitive information (plain text, formatted rich text, hyperlinks, small images) to be displayed adjacent to Sage 300cloud screens. (You can also display Notes conditionally, or create more sophisticated Notes on the fly, by combining with Orchid Extender.)
  • Document Management Link(DML) provides context-sensitive links to relevant documents (e.g. Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Product Specs) directly from Sage 300cloud screens.
  • Both these products support remote working and collaboration by reducing the reliance on centralised, physical document stores, printed work instructions, or personal offline notes.
  • User licences are required for each concurrent DML user. The Bundle offer of 4 x additional user licences recognises that more staff than usual are likely to require remote access to notes and documents during the COVID-19 restrictions period.
  • Link to single documents, or related lists – e.g. a specific invoice, or all invoices for vendor Y
  • Link documents to up to two fields – e.g. vendor and document number – to filter selection
  • Link documents to any Sage 300 field (except check-boxes or drop-down selections), including Grid fields
  • Links can include sub-directories – e.g. to allow access to archived documents
  • Combine with Orchid Notes to show tailored contextual notes alongside document links
  • Orchid Users with DML access can also use Email SmartLink – easily initiate emails containing hyperlinks to Sage 300 records
  • Operates with all Sage 300 modules – as well as 3rd party modules developed in the SDK


  • Link Notes to any Sage 300 screen or field (except for check-boxes or drop-down selections), including Grid fields
  • Link Notes to up to two fields – e.g. vendor and item – to filter selection
  • Store multiple Notes for the same field, and configure which will be displayed
  • Role-based rules to control who can view, add, edit or delete various Note Types
  • Configurable Note colours, e.g. to indicate importance and attract attention.
  • Notes can include hyperlinks or small images, e.g. pictures of products
  • Options and utilities to import Notes from a CSV file, or convert from Zippy Notes
  • Automatic pop-up of Notes, and/or access them via a Note Icon or function key
  • Pin Alert Box to the associated screen, or unpin (e.g. to display on a separate monitor)
  • Operates with all Sage 300 modules – as well as 3rd party modules developed in the SDK

Check out a Demonstration of both Products Here

How do I take up the Offer?

Contact Joe Gentile


The Fine Print

  • Orders for the Bundle must be received by 30 June 2020.
  • Standard pricing applies to Notes and DML (which comes with 1 x user).
  • The Bundle includes 4 additional user subscriptions, valid for 12 months, at no extra cost.
  • After 12 months, subscription customers who are finding the extra four concurrent users valuable can retain them by including these additional users in their annual subscription renewal at the prevailing standard subscription rate. Similarly, perpetual licence customers wishing to remain current will need to start paying Software Assurance for these users at the prevailing software assurance rate in order to be eligible to use them with future releases of Sage 300cloud.