Sage 300 Visual Process Flows – Adobe Flash Player


Did you login to Sage 300 and try to use your customized visual process flows and all you could see was this?


On the 31st December 2020 Adobe ended support of Flash Player.

Sage have introduced a number of product updates to enable you to view your custom flows, however you will be unable to use any flows that you created based on I/C process flow templates.

Sage have advised in their product updates that they have redesigned Visual Process Flows so they no longer require Adobe Flash.

So you will need to contact your Sage Business Partner to get the correct update for your version of software, these releases include updated versions of the process flow templates that were available previously.

  • Sage 2019 Pu 7
  • Sage 2020 Pu 4
  • Sage 2021 Pu 1

You can use these templates as well as any custom process flows that you already have. However you will not be able to create or change custom process flows. The ability to customize process flows will be restored in a future release.

Also please note we have had users report that the Visual Process Flows look very different and some things may be missing. Sage have advised to review Sage Knowledgebase article 107531

Differences you may notice include:

  • Tooltips always appear. Previously, tooltips were hidden until you hovered over the element with the tooltip.
  • Text in your custom flows that was formatted as bold or italic no longer has this formatting.
  • The font size of some text may be reduced.
  • Text items with a trailing “end of line” character may be missing.
  • Text items containing HTML may be missing.
  • Animations (such as a Clock) are no longer supported.
  • Some images are no longer supported.
  • Fill patterns and gradients are no longer supported.
  • Some elements may appear slightly blurry.


Please contact  for further information.