What if Posting in the GL


Otherwise known as my After Friday at 3pm Posting button!


Provisional posting is temporary posting. If you select this option, General Ledger lets you post transactions to accounts and produce financial reports that include the provisionally posted transactions.

At a later time, you can discard or edit provisionally posted transactions if necessary, and you can post them again—either provisionally or permanently.


How To Use

Sage 300 lets you post transactions on a provisional basis to test their effects on your ledger before you post the actual financial amounts permanently.

This feature is particularly useful when you are doing period-end or year-end adjustments, and want to ensure that you have entered all the transactions you need before you post them.

You select the Allow Provisional Posting option on the G/L Options screen.

Enter  a Journal in the normal GL Journal Screen and Cick the Prov Post button

Provisionally posted amounts are stored with the accounts in a provisional fiscal set, and can be included on normal General Ledger reports and inquiries that show the net result of the batch posting on the ledger’s accounts.

To Run a Report

  • GL
  • Gl Reports
  • Trial Balance
  • Change the report format to  “Provisional Included” to run the report with the

A provisionally posted batch is maintained separately from actual postings, and its status shows it has been provisionally posted. When you are satisfied that the entries in the batch are correct, you can post the batch to update actual financial amounts in the actual fiscal sets.  If you are not satisfied then the batch or entries can be deleted

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