Sage 300 – Most Underutilised Features – Part 1

After implementing Sage 300 for many years I am always surprised but how many customers are not aware of some really useful features within Sage 300.  Many have been there since the products inception.


Heres a Blast from the past – Check out this old Ad from an old Accpac CD  just to show how many features there where over 15 years ago.

This Blog will be part of a series picking out some of the easiest least know tips that I have gathered.

1. Company Profile Options

In Sage 300 there is a Warning Date Range field, if a user enters a transaction date that is before or after the session date
by more than the number of days specified in this field, a warning message appears.

This  feature helps prevent entry of incorrect transaction dates and gets a user to think – “Have I actually entered this correctly”.

This is the warning message that users will receive, and many users over time have just learnt to enter over it.

To modify the Date range to make this suit your desired Process goto;

Sage>Common Services>Company Profile

Enter a number of days in the Warning Date Range Field.

Note: If you want warnings to appear less often, enter a large number, such as 999.

2. Open Multiple Copies

Ever had the Scenario where you have been investigating a Vendor Transaction in Vendor Activity and another Vendor has called but you don’t want to lose what you are looking at.  Or alternatively you have related vendors and you would like to do a side by side comparison.

Locate your icon

Right Mouse click on the icon and select properties

Select “Start Multiple Copies”

Now when you click on the Vendor Activity Icon you will be able to open two screens, whereas previously it would just reopen the same screen.


Hope this is helpful and I look forward to sharing more ideas with you soon.

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