Sage 300 – Most Underutilised Features – Part 2

Following up from last weeks posts, here is some more tips that users always seemed surprised to learn even after many years of utilising Sage 300.

Set Cursor to automatically start in Filter field on Finder

Sometimes is something so simple that over a day saves you hundreds of clicks.

Did you know that on any finder in Sage 300 you can simply do this

1   Open a Finder

2   Click on Global Settings

3    Select Goto Filter First

4  Close the screen

5  Reopen the finder

6  The cursor will no automatically drop here, without you having to use mouse to click there


Quick Entry

1 Speed up Data Entry by using the Quick Entry mode in the AP and AR Invoice Screen.

2 Click Settings from the top menu bar

3 Select Quick Mode (do this before you start data entry)


4 The following screen will appear


5 Select the information you would like to duplicate on entry two, for example Vendor Number and Document date if you are entering lots of Telstra invoices.

6 When you finish entry number one the details you selected will now duplicate.

7 Go back into settings then Quick Mode to turn this feature off.


Hope you are enjoying the tips

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