Whether you have been using Sage 300 for a long time or just new to the system the following tips will help you get more out of your system

1        Sage 300 Shortcut Keys

  • Alt key (held down): Displays options for underlined letter short cuts.
  • Alt+Underlined letter: Opens that particular command (ie. Alt+F opens File, Alt+S opens Save, etc).
  • Tab: Advances through each data entry box in the order that they appear.
  • Shift+Tab: Advances through each data entry box in reverse order.
  • Ctrl+Tab: Selects between the various Tabs in a particular window.
  • Ctrl+Shirt+Tab: Selects between the various Tabs in a particular window in reverse order.
  • F1: Opens up the help page relevant to the page you are currently on.
  • F4: Opens a pop-up calendar when your cursor is in a date entry field.
  • Alt+F4: Closes your active window.
  • F5: Opens up the finder for whatever data entry window your cursor is in (instead of clicking on the magnifying glass).
  • F7: The same as the “Go Button” (the double blue arrows). Use this to populate available invoices etc.
  • F9: Zoom in. Opens a second screen that shows you every data field on a line in one screen where no scrolling is required.
  • PageUp, PageDown: Scrolls between records in fields with arrow navigation on either side (ie.order number, vendor number etc) .
  • Crtl+PageUp, PageDown: Jump to the first or last record in a field.
  • Insert:Begins a new detail line in screens like Invoice entry.
  • + :Opens the calculator when your cursor is in an amount or quantity data field.

Functional shortcut for G/L:

  • Go into G/L Batch List
  • Highlight an Error batch ( entry )
  • Go to the far-right column “No of errors”
  • Double click on the error ( indicated in “no of errors column”)
  • You should now be presented with a G/L Posting Journals report screen.
  • Run the report.
  • “Most Importantly” – You now no longer have to go to G/L Reports -> Posting Journals->Posting Journal errors in order to run the report.
  • Therefore saving you time.

Functional shortcut for I/C:

  • Go to “I/C Items and Price Lists”
  • Open “Manufactures Items”
  • Select an item in the “Item number field” i.e. A1-103/0 ( sample company )
  • In the “Manufacturer’s Item number Field ” type “Lamp” and give it a ‘Description’ in the column next to it (on the RHS).
  • When you now use any of the I/C,OE or PO modules and are asked to select and “Item No” ,you can just type “Lamp” and it will be replaced with item “A1-103/0”
  • Therefore – If you performed this operation again for say item “A1-301/0” when you next get asked for an “Item No” and type the word “Lamp” you will be confronted with a group of items and you can then select the item you need.

Functional shortcut for Any Module:

Have you ever been in any entry screen and a rush job comes in ,and you are required to close what you are doing in order to use that screen for the rush job ?

  • If you right click on any icon and select “Properties”
  • There is a tick box next to “Start Multiple Copies”
  • If you tick that box and “Ok” you will now be able to open that screen a second time without closing the one you are working on.
  • Therefore saving time and effort.

Click here to Download a pdf copy of the  shortcut keys

2        G/L Security by Segment or Account

Ever wanted to prevent users from using specific accounts, ranges of accounts or just an account segment ?

  • Login as the admin user
  • Open G/L setup-> G/L Options
  • On the “Account” tab, Tick “Use G/L Security”
  • Change the Default Access dropdown to “No Accounts”
  • Save
  • Close the company and log back in again.
  • Under G/L Accounts you will now notice a new icon called “Account permissions”
  • If you open the icon and select a Sage user you can now select Accounts or Segments to prevent that user from using.

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