Learn More about Year End in Sage 300

Aptus Business Solutions Presents Sage 300 Year End Webinar


In This Webinar  we discuss all the information you need to confidently plan and action your Sage 300 year end in your respective organisations.

Topics covered are;

  • What year end does
  • The steps you can do leading up to Financial Year End
  • Demonstration of Year End
  • Tips and Tricks

Download  your free  documentation here Aptus Sage 300 Year End

Arrange a time with Aptus via phone, remote session or onsite visit to come and assist you with this process.

  • The information in this webinar is relevant for any Year End date and is not restricted to 30th June Year Ends.
  • You should always discuss site specific details with your consultant to ensure that this process is suitable to your company The advice in this recording is general in nature.


If you need further information on anything I mentioned today, for instance

  • Sage City
  • Source Journal Profiles
  • Backups

Then please don’t hesitate to contact support@aptusbusiness.com.au


Good Luck with your Year End Processes.

Sage 300 Year End Webinar 2020