Imagine having business insights at the touch of a button – automated, real-time and all in one place. Let Aptus Business Solutions and Sage Data & Analytics make this your reality.

Most organisations build up valuable data and information every day in different parts of their business. Some of it’s contained in disparate software or on Excel spreadsheets, some of it will even be stored in your head! Trying to extract the data you need with the business insights you’d like can be done eventually but it’s just so time-consuming, labour intensive and almost certainly prone to error.

So, you combat this with your Sage ERP solution which puts all your information in one centralised place, streamlining and integrating all aspects of your business across Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR.

Great news! But what good is it if you still can’t achieve the in-depth insights and analysis to deliver faster and better-informed decision making leading to greater productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability?

That’s where our strategic partnership with Sage Data & Analytics comes in. Working with your Sage ERP solution, their BI tool analyses your business information in dynamic ways, accessing the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Converting valuable data into information and knowledge about your business transforms you into a data-led growth engine.

Let’s have a look at how it’s done.


Accurate and real-time reporting

Implementing Sage Data & Analytics with your ERP solution allows you to stop switching between applications or from one spreadsheet to another. Instead, you’ll work with dynamic dashboards that provide a view of your Sage ERP data and help in making sense of it. You can view information at a high level or delve into the granular detail depending on your needs.

By automating your data analytics function, you not only save time and resources, you also take human error out of the scenario and so reports are completed efficiently and accurately. By having your BI capabilities within your Sage ERP, you can be confident that everyone is working from the same data and with the same tools.


A cloud-based solution that’s scalable, secure and self-service

Sage ERP and Sage Data & Analytics is a completely scalable solution and can grow and adapt to your changing needs.

As your business grows and your analytics requirement evolves across the business and key personnel, our solution provides detailed and customisable analytics tailored to your exact needs. Self-service insights mean reduced cost, less complexity and few security risks.

It’s understandable that the more data you access, the bigger the security risk. With Sage ERP and their BI tool, you can rest easy as your data is secure and accessible only to those who are authorised to access it through secure and accurate self-service reporting and analysis.


More is less

With Sage ERP and Sage Data & Analytics, you really do get the benefit of more in-depth and accurate reports without the need for a dedicated resource. Manual intervention is eliminated and members of your team have the capability to generate their own reports. With an easy-to-use interface and interactive dashboards, even a novice can create interactive, responsive and actionable insights, and the team’s focus can revert to other mission-critical deliverables.


Historical data insights

With Sage Data & Analytics, the legacy data collected from various processes and software that has been migrated to your ERP can be accessed and analysed, providing you with historical insights to help your business identify trends and patterns to help you make informed decisions.


Predictive and Prescriptive

Business data is only valuable if it can help you to move your organisation in a positive direction. As well as analysing historical data, Sage Data & Analytics can also make it easier for you to predict future trends and outcomes across your business. Added to this, Sage’s BI tool can also provide you with prescriptive analytics by taking the prescriptions and recommending actions for your business to take.


Working smarter with your data

If you’re thinking about BI, you already understand and appreciate the value of your company’s data. When you combine Sage Data & Analytics with your ERP solution, you’ll be equipped with data-rich intelligence that you can use to make faster, smarter decisions.


By harnessing the full power and potential of your data, you’ll be able to improve core business processes as you gain further visibility of what’s working for your entire business and what isn’t.


Aptus Business Solutions

As your Sage ERP provider, we’d love the opportunity to chat with you and see how implementing Sage Data & Analytics can help you leverage valuable data from within your Sage solution and use it to make faster, smarter business decisions.

Let us help you identify the best BI solution and request a call or contact one of our expert consultants for a chat.