So, you’re thinking about selecting a new ERP solution for your Cannabusiness?

When it comes to selecting an ERP solution for your Cannabusiness, it soon becomes clear just how many financial, operational and regulatory requirements you need to consider. And wading through the huge number of systems on offer that can meet those requirements can be time-consuming and confusing.

That’s why we’ve come up with a checklist to help you pinpoint your exact requirements and navigate your way through the ERP landscape, ensuring a successful and effective selection process.


Let’s start with reviewing your current business processes and highlighting inefficiencies

Think about what your operational and financial requirements look like.

What’s on your wish list in terms of resolving the challenges within your day-to-day operations, how you can improve productivity, drive revenue and ensure adherence to stringent regulations as a minimum?


Q. Do you currently work in silos, manage operations separately with little or no visibility of what’s already happened and what’s coming up?

A. You need a solution that can manage finance and operations from a single platform, giving you full control and visibility from seed to sale. Delivering perfect insights into what’s behind you, what you have, where it is and where it needs to go.


Q. Are spreadsheets your best friend, do you rely on manual processes?

A. Make sure that you can automate your financial and operational processes across your Cannabusiness. Accurate reporting and the removal of manual tasks provides greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and saves you time and money. Focus on your core activities with confidence.


Q. Do you struggle to manage your growth operations effectively and face challenges in achieving real-time visibility of stock?

A. Ensure that you can track, measure, report, and analyse growing conditions, including light, light sources, pesticide, nutrient application, and watering. Data captured in the ERP should help you to understand how to keep growing operations economical and productive.


Q. Can you monitor and report on expenditure in real-time?

A. A great solution for you is one where you can track all aspects of the product as well as costs associated with the inventory, raw materials, and finished goods in real-time.


Q. Can you track the quantities of valuable cannabis products across multiple warehouses and locations?

A. You can ensure company financials and inventory records are accurate and up to date by implementing a cloud-based ERP solution that has the capability to track sales, monitor supplies, oversee shipments and remain informed on where products originate from and how frequently to re-order.


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, make sure to include improved operating efficiencies as part of your evaluation criteria.

An ERP provider with a strong Cannabusiness solution will be able to demonstrate how their software can meet your requirements and dramatically improve your business processes.


As a certified Sage Partner and Nextec Cannabusiness ERP partner, we have bags of experience in helping organisations navigate their way through the Cannabusiness ERP landscape.


From the outset, we get to know your pain points, listen to what’s working and show you where improvements can be made.


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