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How Licenses are Assigned within Sage Intelligence Reporting

Sage Intelligence Reporting uses a Workstation Licensing model. Almost every Sage solution comes with at least one Report Manager license. That license, and additional licenses you buy, are managed through the License Manager module. The License Manager is a module that is available to all Sage Intelligence users. It allows you to see which users and workstations are consuming Report Manager and Report Viewer licenses and their module configuration.

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How to convert a Sage 300 FR Report to Sage Intelligence

To get some of the legalities out the way, please note that this guide is provided ‘as is’ to assist with the conversion process and is not supported by Sage ERP Support as per Sage Support Coverage terms. This document is also not intended to serve as a guide to Sage 300 Financial Reporter or Sage IntelligenceReporting. You are required

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Learn how to Schedule your Sage BI Reports automatically

Stop manually distributing your reports and start saving time by scheduling your reports to automatically distribute. In this tip, we’ll show you how to quickly set up your automatic report distribution with your existing Sage Intelligence Report Manager and your Windows Task Scheduler. This process is made up of 3 easy steps: 1. Decide where you’re going to save your report.

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