Fewer donors remain, but their giving has increased. Relationships Matter.


With fewer individuals donating to charitable organizations, the need to engage and nurture your donor base is more important than ever.


Elevate your organization’s story by mapping key metrics to the mission.

Whatever your mission, define the metrics that best support impact and stewardship and measure them. Build them into your story. Highlight them, strengthen them, and share them. Reinforce performance measurement and transparency until metrics become part of your organization’s culture.


Start by linking metrics to your mission

  • Meals served –Cost per meal served
  • Patients seen -Cost per patient seen per practice area
  • Reading Levels Achieved –Cost per reading level achieved per child
  • Animals Adopted –Cost per animal per day
  • What’s the key metric for your mission?

This powerful tracking and measurement will enable you to be more transparent and provide the proof and accountability donors desire.


Donors care deeply about your return on mission.
The top question on most donor’s minds: How much of my money will go to programs? If you can’t do the best with their money, they’d prefer to give it to another charity. Clearly communicate your priorities and demonstrate your progress. Performance data and metrics provide the support for your story by showing impact, accountability, and a laser-focus on mission success.


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