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Mining businesses are continually looking for ways to win new customers, expand into new markets, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase profit.

With mining operations usually dispersed across multiple sites, the possibility of stock and productivity losses, as well as a multitude of operational issues, the impact on workflow, productivity and even safety can be drastic.

One way to help increase the productivity and efficiency of mining operations is to use Business Management Software solutions.

Described by various names and acronyms, Business Management Solutions help mines increase their service levels and profitability, while also controlling costs, managing inventory and improving output and staff safety levels.

With the ability to control a mine’s operation via Internet-enabled dashboards, every aspect of mining from output, workflow, logistics, sales, procurement and employee management and all the way to financial management can be visualised and controlled.

This means mine managers can automate and accelerate their end-to-end processes while at the same time, driving down costs and boosting efficiencies. This translates into higher operating margins, safer working conditions and, ultimately, increased cash flow.

Some of the best Business Management Solutions are designed to take users well beyond basic accounting functions, with a real-time and unified view of financials and operations, including providing visibility across mobile environments.

This provides visibility and insight into how a mining business is performing, along with helping to drive fast, informed decisions and greater productivity.

Business Management Solutions turn insight into opportunity that drives and supports a mining business’s growth.





For any mining operation, downtime is expensive. For example, if a critical power source unexpectedly stops your processes; unplanned downtime ensues, resulting in lost production revenue – revenue many mining businesses cannot afford to lose.


Other examples include hydraulic power and belt drive failures, which have been calculated to cause up to 47 percent of downtime in mining operations.With each failure resulting in $3,000 per hour of lost production and an average of 60 hours of downtime per incident, companies’ losses can easily add up to $180,000 in lost production.


Now that Australia’s mining sector has well and truly moved from the build stage and into process optimisation, the need to enhance their process efficiencies and get the most of existing mining CAPEX and other assets is more crucial than ever. While the fundamentals of mining have not changed, what’s needed is a change at the operational level that embraces the latest facets of digital communication and modern technologies that are de rgueur in consumer products to drive efficiencies.



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Sage Enterprise Management for Mining


Capabilities include:

  • Mining operational management
  • Complete financials with budgeting, forecasting and consolidations
  • IFRS, GAAP and local reporting requirements
  • Multi-company, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-legislation
  • Capital project and phase analysis workflow
  • Business intelligence
  • Document management
  • Operational accounting
  • Procurement requisitions and internal costing
  • Process and transactional analysis
  • Asset management and planned maintenance
  • Operational data input and reporting
  • Process manufacturing and controls
  • Contract management
  • Inbound landed cost and import tracking
  • Outbound logistics
  • Human capital management and payroll


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