Boost your Business Intelligence with Sage Data & Analytics for Sage X3 and Sage 300

Business Intelligence software helps you make better use of your data and drives better decision-making.


BI software uses a range of applications that aid with fast reporting for all business functions without complex data issues. Aptus Business Solutions work with a range of BI software providers to provide our Sage 300 and X3 customers with tools for faster reporting and more accurate analysis.

Manual reporting can take far too long, and for business leaders, time is a valuable resource. It’s important to have an overview of company data at a glance and to have easy access to analytics that enhance your decision making.

Business intelligence solutions offer the perfect solution; it’s quick and easy to create a wide range of reports including financial, operational, future projections and more.  Plus, integrated cloud-technology makes it possible to keep your team informed and ensures accurate data.

When you and your team have the right business intelligence tools required to collaborate on financial information in real-time, your business can overcome many challenges.

Sage Data & Analytics for Sage X3 and Sage 300

“Research shows that 80% of an organisation’s effort is spent managing data, compared with only 20% analysing it. Sage Data & Analytics makes it easier to merge data sources and model data so your data is ready for analysis quicker and gives better value to your business.”

Aptus Business Solutions supports and integrates Business Intelligence software for Sage 300 and X3 clients.

Meet Sage Data & Analytics: The Software that makes Reporting and Data Analytics Easier

If you’re a Sage user, your ERP is the brain of your business, continually updating with financial and operational data. SD&A for Sage 300 and Sage X3 transforms that data into real business intelligence, allowing you to transform that intelligence into increased revenue, cost savings, and competitive advantage.


SD&A is ELT (extract, load & transform) and data warehouse automation software. It’s the fastest way to deliver accurate, trusted financial and operational reporting in BI tools including Tableau and Power BI. ZAP have optimized solutions for the Sage portfolio and smart data connectors for many other data sources.

Benefits of Reporting with Sage Data & Analytics:


  • Fast reporting for all business functions without the data headaches for the IT department
  • Enhanced, cross-functional reporting, and analysis in Power BI and Tableau, increasing ROI on BI investment
  • Remove inefficient and inaccurate manual processes, the risk of human error, and key-man dependencies
  • No need for time-consuming, technical, and expensive data warehouse projects
  • Custom dashboards aligned to roles, different dashboards for all roles from the CFO to the Inventory Manager, Procurement Manager to the VP of Sales – Everyone has their own dashboard with the analytics that matter to them.