Sage X3 ERP Software for Cannabusiness in Australia


Powered by Sage X3, Aptus Business Solutions provides a single platform for a complete seed to sale Cannabis ERP solution to help you cultivate and grow your business

Cultivating and Processing Software for CannaBusiness                                           

Powered by Sage X3 and Nextec, Aptus Business Solutions provides a single platform for a complete seed-to-sale CannaBusiness ERP solution to help you cultivate and grow your business – improved operating efficiencies, automation, regulatory compliance, real time dashboards – implemented and supported by experts Australia wide. Request a demo today.


By investing in the CannaBusiness ERP, you will dramatically improve operating efficiencies, ensure adherence to stringent legislation and the highest quality standards and traceability from seed to sale.


In a flourishing and growing industry where businesses are looking for their competitive edge, CannaBusiness ERP gives you the scalability to grow rapidly without compromise


As an industry expert, Aptus Business Solutions can also provide you with the solutions to give you valuable, real-time business insights into your operation and finances, and enable you to effectively manage customer relationships.

CannaBusiness ERP delivers:


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Streamlined processes and reduced operating costs
  • Effectively managed growth and quality control
  • End to end supply chain management from cultivation to delivery
  • Multi-national capabilities (compliance, currency, quality standards)
  • Valuable business insights to deliver well informed and real-time decision making
  • Inbuilt CRM functionality to manage your Cannabusiness from seed to patient

Delivering Software to Cultivate Growth


An industry-specific solution built on Sage X3 to deliver to the exacting requirements of cannabis cultivator and processor customers operating within a highly regulated and competitive marketplace.

Financials and Operations Management

CannaBusiness ERP allows you to control finance and operations from a single platform, providing you with the tools to manage complex requirements such as strict legislation, multi-currency and intercompany transactions.

Full control and visibility from seed to sale, giving you perfect insight into what’s behind you, what you have, where it is, and where it needs to go.

CannaBusiness ERP harnesses the right capabilities in their leading ERP solution, allowing you to track key metrics such as costs, revenue and margins, and staffing, and provides real-time dashboards enabling you to streamline financial operations and control costs through in-built budgeting and approvals functionality.

Key Features of CannaBusiness ERP Include:

Financial Accounting

  • Manages all financial transactions including consolidation, general ledger, globalisation (multi-tax, multi-currency, multi-language) revenue recognition, journal entries, fixed asset tracking, subscription billing, reporting and dashboards for your business as a whole or a specific area such as cultivation, processing and distribution.

Single Source of Truth

  • Every process from seed to sale is sent to the general leader in real-time, and being a single platform, the risk of duplicate entries and human error is dramatically reduced. With a suite of tools and reports, you can close the books more quickly and access accurate financial information in a timely fashion.

Production Cycle Costing

  • Understand the cost of each crop using our production cycle management functionality to capture resource and material costs used from clone through to harvest of a single crop. Compare the estimated cost of the harvested cannabis with the actual cost for accurate margins.

Anytime, Anywhere

  • Designed to be accessed by a web browser, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers alike. Its responsive design makes it possible to create online pages suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop pages. Bespoke applications have been created to provide an enhanced and easy to use view on smaller screens and all Mobile Web Applications are designed for use on smartphones like iPhone and Android devices.

Seed to Sale

Built on a single ERP platform, CannaBusiness ERP tracks operations from Seed to Sale including Plant Production, Plant Processing, and Tracking and Delivery. It follows every aspect of the product as well as inventory, raw materials, and finished goods, maximising the efficiency of your growth operations and clone room.


Key Features of CannaBusiness ERP Include:

Greenhouse Planning – Full visibility of each individual strain’s grow lifecycle to understand exactly what’s needed in terms of bed planning, water, light and fertiliser.

Plant Production Processing Management – Successful and profitable businesses operate efficiently, and your cannabis business is no exception. With Nextec’s CannaBusiness ERP, you can effectively manage costs, worth and location throughout the complete plant lifecycle from the tracking of drying through to testing and packaging.

Inventory Tracking, Traceability and Recall Management

CannaBusiness ERP allows you to streamline and automate processes across all areas of your operation. Simplify material requirements planning and production scheduling. Keep up with demand, and create efficiencies through real-time and intelligent inventory monitoring, and automate all aspects of recall.

Key Features of CannaBusiness ERP Includes:

Inventory Management – Inventory management is essential to track the quantities and locations of valuable cannabis products. With CannaBusiness ERP, you can track employee transactions to ensure security and accountability, monitor inventory loss due to damage, shrinkage, track stock levels, and expiration dates.

Inventory is handled efficiently across multiple warehouses and locations, recording raw material and product levels in real-time, reducing waste, facilitating rotation methods and avoiding overproduction to control costs.

Barcode scanning of plant tag IDs and serial and lot numbers facilitates forward and backward traceability that links product information to batch tickets, shipping documents and labels.

Seed to Sale Tracking – Utilise plant-level management tools within Sage X3 ERP Software for Cannabusiness to gain full visibility and track plants from seed to sale and back again. Production scheduling allows for continuous growth operations and scan and barcode functionality gives you the capability to integrate with traceability portals.

Traceability – CannaBusiness ERP ensures efficient operations and regulatory compliance through its ability to effectively trace the source by plant, what products and growing methods are used, and who the end customer is. As a solution designed for your specific cannabis business needs, it can trace seeds, clones and mother plants, giving you real-time insights and tracking capabilities.

Recall Management – In such a heavily regulated industry, and when a patient’s health and well-being is paramount, organisation’s need to recall products with immediate effect. With CannaBusiness ERP, you can automate every aspect of recall – identification, notification, tracking, reporting and compliance. Excel at managing risk whilst simultaneously reducing costs and growing your profits.

Governance and Compliance

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates both pharmaceutical and complementary medicines across Australia, overseeing the classification and manufacture of medicines and medicinal products.

Medicinal cannabis products are subject to the same regulatory framework and strict standards of safety, efficacy and quality as other medicines, with the TGA conducting audits and testing of medicinal cannabis products imported or supplied in Australia and specifies the minimum quality requirements that must be adhered to.

CannaBusiness ERP easily handles the complexities of regulatory compliance, mitigating risk and therefore the consequences of failing to adhere to Government, State and legal requirements. A solution further enhanced by its ease of integration with government approved software.

Nextec’s CannaBusiness ERP meets the highest compliance standards with detailed tracking, measuring, documenting and reporting from seed to sale.

Key Features of CannaBusiness ERP Include:

Track and Trace – A centralised database and integrated reporting allows track and trace compliance across the supply chain, giving you the ability to adapt to constantly evolving requirements.

Managing International Trade – CannaBusiness ERP allows you to manage multiple locations, jurisdictions, suppliers, partners, contractors and customers with a solution that’s globally compliant, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-legislation and multi-ledger.

Delivering end to end Compliance – CannaBusiness ERP provides a robust end to end solution, tracking and managing all scenarios and key processes – maintaining licencing requirements, traceability, transportation records, product recalls, prescription tracking, compliant packaging and labelling, tax payments and waste management.

Recipe and Formula Management

CannaBusiness ERP provides visibility of and effective tracking of ingredients and formula, delivers product consistency, and ensures a robust and closely controlled approach to taste, texture, appearance, and potency (THC and CBD percentage).

Key Features of CannaBusiness ERP Include:

Capturing Relevant Information – Maintaining raw material data, production notes and a version and revision for each batch provides accurate tracing to ensure strict adherence to regulations and swift product recall if a problem is identified

Nutritional Information – Calculating nutritional information such as ingredient and allergen details allows for the accurate labelling, reporting and product packaging necessary for consumers to fully understand the potential impact of using medicinal cannabis and related products.

The importance of labelling – Central to the development of recall planning and procedures. Traceability and labelling history captured in CannaBusiness ERP is key in recall planning as the traceability and labelling history captured allows you to identify and locate items quickly and easily in the event of a product recall.

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