Sage X3 for Discrete Manufacturing


Strengthen your inventory management, improve control of your production costs, and eliminate efficiencies through leading ERP technology.

The very definition of a discrete manufacturer’s operation is that its processes and tracking systems are unique as are the challenges they face. From car to clothing manufacturers, it’s important to be aware of the inefficiencies and problems that can undermine your potential to grow and prosper.

By implementing a faster, simpler and more flexible solution that’s tailored to your needs, you can enjoy:

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain a single view of your business and get real-time insight on inventory, financials, and processes – no matter where you are.

Greater Innovation

Improve collaboration and information-sharing among all stakeholders through easily accessible web portals.

Data Driven Demand Forecasting

Use predictive analytics to make proactive decisions that optimise order management, inventory management, and production control processes.

Complete Regulatory Compliance

Automate compliance requirements with audit trails that document and report all relevant data.

Operational Efficiency

Accelerate your business processes and workflows to optimise capacity, reduce costs, shorten payment cycles, and improve cash flow.

Thorough Process Management

Streamline your processes to better manage your supply chain, returns and reconcile inventory if you experience a product recall or compliance issue.

To fully understand and deliver against your key deliverables as a discrete manufacturer, you need true visibility into inventory, quality and costs so that you can pro-actively manage your business and supply chain.

Sage X3 has been intuitively designed to understand your needs, streamlining your processes and managing operations effectively – from procurement and scheduling to inventory and sales – allowing you to consistently deliver innovation.

An industry-focused solution

Whether you’re looking for furniture, smartphone, airplane or automotive manufacturing software, our manufacturing ERP solutions offer:

✓  Production management methods by job, order or inventory

✓  Automated, finite capacity planning

✓  Extensive lot, sub-lot, and serial number traceability

✓  Flexible work order release management capabilities

✓  Bill of Materials management with component by date

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