Sage X3

A modern, intuitive ERP solution providing a complete menu of functionality to help streamline your operation, ensure compliance and drive profitability across your food and beverage business.

Sage X3 is tailored to work the way you do and includes all the essential capabilities that are critical to your business such as food safety solutions, supply chain, inventory tracking and customer satisfaction to name but a few.

Whatever your reason for evaluating an ERP solution, it’s critical that you identify solutions with a strong foundation within the food processing industry that can support your specific requirements with minimal customisation.

Sage X3 provides an innovative core of crucial business intelligence and management functions for the food and beverage industry, supporting greater transparency and food safety.

In addition, Sage X3 provides a solution for growth with software designed to support your operations for years to come.

Sage X3 is completely up to date with the latest technological standards, ensuring its readiness to adapt to changing regulations and business pressures. As your business grows, Sage X3 grows with you, giving you the confidence to meet future regulatory and operational challenges with ease.


Sage X3’s robust functionality makes it much easier for companies to streamline compliance, eliminate efficiencies and boost growth. As your business grows, Sage X3 grows with you and will continue to support you for years to come without increasing overhead.

Built for the food and beverage industry, Sage X3 has industry-specific capabilities such as:

  • Strong traceability tools to allow better handling of recalls, expiration management, sustainability, allergen-free production, and labeling.
  • Quality Control functionality helps companies comply with HACCP
  • Insightful business intelligence helping you to predict changes in supply and demand, mitigating the risk of having too much or too little stock.
  • Predicts and optimises the yields of multiple outputs of a production job by comparing planned outputs and adding these values into a recipe or formula specification prior to initiating a production job.
  • Tracks and maintains quality specifications and test results for raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods at various stages in their life cycle.

Supply Chain

With the Sage X3 cloud-based inventory management solution, it’s unimportant where, how, or who has made a product. You get the same levels of control and visibility across the global supply chain as you would if you were producing your own goods at your own premises.

Sage X3’s advanced inventory management capability enables you to make informed decisions relating to supply and demand, creating the right balance between cost control, lead times, and service levels, and gives you robust control of your supply chain.

With multiple manufacturing sites located across the globe, managing communication and achieving joint objectives can be extremely challenging. Sage X3 allows you to communicate and work effectively with every member of your supply chain so that there’s no confusion around your expectation and their commitment to deliver.

Having the ability to support your customers throughout their lifetime with your products is critical to your relationship with them, never more so than when there’s a bump in the road. Sage X3’s case management system provides you with the opportunity to escalate and resolve issues, ensuring a continued positive experience and a delighted customer.

Warehouse and Inventory

With Sage X3, food and beverage companies can eliminate inefficiencies and streamline inventory levels with the end-to-end integration of warehouse management as well as reducing inventory write offs with expiration or use-by-date.

Built with the food and beverage industry as its key ingredient, Sage X3 functionality includes:

  • Delivers shelf-life management with expiration date control to fulfil orders based on individual customer needs.
  • Extensive warehouse management capabilities with scan and barcode printing.
  • Easy product re-calls with forward and backward lot traceability, quality control and sampling.
  • Inter-site transfers ensuring that replenishment needs are easily identified, and all sites have the most cost effective and efficient stock levels.

Finance and Accounting

Sage X3 provides you with superior financial and accounting software helping you to clearly communicate financial information through insightful and bespoke reporting to suppliers, vendors and customers as and when required.

Functionality for your food and beverage business includes effectively managing cash flow, compliance, profitability, fixed assets and accounting processes. In addition, it easily handles transfers from multiple countries, and between subsidiaries and your headquarters.

Tracking Profitability

Helping you to have a holistic view of how your food and beverage business is using its financial resources as well as keeping tabs on overall financial health. By tracking your profits, you can see where the money is being made, any return on investment, and exactly how much the busines is profiting due to your efforts.  If you can see what business activity is delivering the most returns, you can make the necessary changes to increase profit even more.


Real-time access to financial data, critical for maintaining visibility and control of your finances and making data-driven predictions and decisions about your company finances.

Dashboards provide key financial data across your food and beverage business – sales, expected sales, expenses, cash flow etc. so that you can see exactly where your organisation is making money and where it’s not. A complete view of your business’s financial health in real-time.

Fixed Assets

Sage X3 fixed asset functionality gives you superior visibility across the utilisation, costs and maintenance of your business’s tangible assets helping you to forecast expenditure and create budgets.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Sage X3 cash flow functionality helps you monitor the cash coming into and going out of your business and, ultimately, see the financial position of your food and beverage company.

You can be confident that you’re making sound decisions in your business and creating value for your clients.

Using the cash flow forecast, you can estimate how much money your business will have or need at any point in the future so that you can plan ahead.

Sage X3 also shows you cash flow in and out based on when invoices are due to be paid, credit notes are due to be refunded and any repeat income or expenses are due within the timeframe you’re looking at. Sage CRM

Sales and Marketing

Sage X3’s sales management capability allows you to manage important sales, marketing and customer service activities, helping your food and beverage business to identify and secure new customers, close deals faster and build long-term, profitable customer relationships.

A sales management tool that brings all your sales details together in one place, giving you the opportunity to access it at any time and from anywhere. From lead allocation and coordinating schedules to forecasting and sharing data, you will have relevant and accurate customer and prospect details at your fingertips.

With full end-to-end visibility of your sales pipeline within one easy-to-use screen, you’ll be across what’s happening with every prospect and customer, simplifying forecasting and strengthening pipeline management. Functionality that increases productivity and makes it easier for your team to stick to sales process and best practices.

Sage X3’s sales management tool holds a multitude of prospect and customer information meaning that marketing campaigns will be highly targeted and effective.

Marketers can increase lead generation, undertake campaign analysis, and identify and fully understand the success of a campaign so they can repeat them with ease and assess return on investment.

Sage X3 also supports your internal processes and can help you effectively manage tasks such as pricing and discounts, quotes, customer returns, sales commissions, inter-company/inter-site sales, bill of lading and export declaration, and mobile apps.

Customer Service

Sage X3 helps you to manage your food and beverage customers and relationships using your own processes and best practice, as well as sharing solutions to resolve customer issues. Freeing up your salespeople from administrative tasks so that they can focus on selling.

Eliminate bottlenecks at the same time as protecting margins and reducing cost of sale. Having clean and accurate information will help you to identify and target your most profitable customers as well as those who are in need of some extra TLC.

The ability to drive and deliver continuous improvements across your food and beverage products leads to repeat customers who are happy with their purchase.

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