Sage X3 ERP for Mining – From Exploration to Development and into Production


Progress the Innovation Conversation

Cost control, return on capital, and commodity prices – all key priorities for the mining industry but extremely hard to keep a handle on when change is constant.

Traditionally, miners have looked to maximise value by increasing production volumes and driving operational efficiencies where they can.

But things have changed. In today’s world of cutting-edge technology and the drive for sustainable change, it is digital innovation that will deliver improved operational efficiencies, increased productivity, and better returns.

Built on state-of-the-art technology and offering rich functionality, the Sage X3 Solution for Mining will take your business into the digital age, providing the scalability to meet your needs wherever you are on your journey.

Let’s move forward together, driving productivity through digital innovation.

Key Features:

Key Features of Sage X3 for Explorers

  • Easy, rapid implementation
  • A shorter Return on Investment
  • COA derived from industry ‘Best Practice’
  • True Scalability – a solution that grows with you
  • Business Insights to Track and Improve Performance

Additional Features of Sage X3 for Production

  • Production Scheduling
  • Costing
  • Grade Control
  • Material Tracking and Material Balance
  • Process Monitoring
  • Maintenance Reporting and Downtime Analysis

If you’re looking for a Sage X3 ERP partner with a strong understanding of the mining industry and who can work with you from exploration through to development and into production, your search is over. Book a demo. 

Sage X3 for Explorers


An out-of-the-box solution, Sage X3 for Explorers is a pre-configured ERP system with the in-built capabilities that best fit the mining vertical in its exploratory stages, but which can be further enhanced at any time to meet evolving business needs. It grows with you to make sure you only invest in the functionality you need.


Sage X3 allows you to keep a watchful eye on spending, providing high-level visibility and into the detail. Exploration costs are captured at site or tenement level ensuring that budgets are closely adhered to and risk at overseas or remote sites is mitigated.

Incorporating an end to end workflow to ensure full visibility and control of your expenditure from start to finish.

Costs that flow through projects can be analysed at a granular level and set up to automatically allocate to the nominated cost centre.

Full visibility of costs at equipment level including associated spend such as operations, maintenance to give Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Sage X3 provides a helicopter view of costs that can be drilled down to the individual transaction level.


Multi-lingual/Multi-legislation & Multi-currency

As your mining business evolves from exploration into production, there’s every chance that you’ll expand into several entities, locations and perhaps countries, generating revenue streams and expenditure in a variety of currencies.

The fantastic news is that your business has grown. The downside is that your monthly and quarterly financial accounts are becoming more complex, and consolidating your books is no longer easy to handle with spreadsheets alone.

Sage X3 makes it easy to manage the financials for multiple locations, multiple entities, and multiple currencies, no matter the size or complexity of your business. With Sage X3, you can automate activities like currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, tax reporting, and more. Eliminate error-prone manual input, close the books faster, and jumpstart growth and profitability.

As well as resolving issues caused by multiple locations and currencies, Sage X3 also provides real-time visibility into your financials, providing centralised internal controls and more timely, accurate and reliable data.



Sage X3 supports all of your Head Office finance functions including GL/AP/AR. The solution allows you to manage multiple entities within a single instance of the software, enabling you to manage your finances at both a group and subsidiary level from one place.

Designed in line with mining best practices Chart of Accounts, Sage X3 demonstrates a superior understanding of the mining industry with financial capabilities structured to perform flexible comprehensive accounting. The tracking of exploration, operations, mine management and corporate activities are all features of the reporting captured as part of a growing mines requirement.

Financial KPI’s can be monitored in real-time via role-specific dashboards and insightful BI tools.


Remote Location and Decentralised

Sage X3 provides you with several options in managing your ERP solution depending on which one best fits your circumstances. It is available as both a cloud-based or on-premise solution and can be hosted on your own servers or by Aptus Business Solutions. Web-native, having an independent user interface and being browser and device agnostic means that your system is available anytime and anywhere, giving you real-time capabilities and insights.

Control your mine’s operation via internet-enabled dashboards, every aspect of mining from output,  logistics, sales, procurement,  all the way to financial management can be visualised and controlled.

Get a real-time and unified view of financials and operations, including across mobile environments. See how your mining business is performing whilst at the same time driving fast, informed decisions and greater productivity.

Access your data on any mobile device for full control and execution from any location: better productivity, better service, and better access to critical knowledge for safety and upskilling.


Business Insights

Sage X3 is a robust and effective ERP solution for growing mining organisations from one site to multiple locations and companies, often managing multiple legislations.

Our data and analytics capabilities give your business the tools it needs to make informed decisions that improve performance. Business strategy, direction, and investment decisions are based on accurate insights and facts.

Achieve data compliance with minimum effort or fuss, with built-in data governance, security, and system administration tools.

Track performance across key areas such as mining, processing and administration and immediately analyse key business metrics and performance indicators.

Sage X3 for Production


Traditionally, when mining organisations wish to increase in volume, they increase production volumes.  However, with new technology comes a different and much more effective way of doing things, leading to improved returns and a multitude of operational efficiencies.

Powered by Sage X3, MOMS (Mine Operation Management System) is a specialised software solution that perfectly matches the complex requirements of the mining industry, delivering efficiency gains and improved productivity.

Whether you have grown as a business and are now looking to scale, or ready to refresh your ERP and test the market, we can help you to explore what Sage X3 and MOMS has to offer and the questions you need to ask to see how your mining company can benefit from an industry bespoke solution.

MOMS (Mine Operation Management System) allows you to better manage your supply chain, improve control and management of your process plants and ensures that your assets are delivering at maximum efficiency levels.

It provides you with the right information, at the right time to the right people, ensuring that pro-active decision making is possible for Mine Management.

The availability of skilled operations and maintenance resources specifically on mines in remote locations is a common issue that affects profitability. MOMS acts as an enabler by coordinating maintenance activities as well as guiding operations staff to avoid abnormal occurrences. This further ensures that assets are used optimally and efficiently on the process plants.

Have a think about your answers to the following questions?

  • What is my true per ton operating cost?
  • What are my top reasons for equipment downtime?
  • Is my material supply adversely impacting production?
  • My actual production vs. plan/yield targets?
  • What is the most common cause of rework?
  • What is my plant lost opportunity cost?
  • What are my machine/department/plant constraints?
  • When did my mine run at its highest efficiency, utilisation, and recovery levels?
  • How will today’s production impact my company’s cash flow, revenue, costs, and forecasts?

If you’d like to have the answers but don’t, MOMS has the answers and can help you to understand exactly what’s going on in your business. And having greater access to effective data means that you’ll be driving efficiencies as your insights get better and better.

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