Sage X3 for Wholesale Distribution


Discover the route to a more profitable business with Sage Business Cloud

It’s not always easy to juggle business growth and efficiency when you’re balancing inventory, forecasting, and logistics processes with sales, customer service, and everything in between.

What you need is a powerful, easy to use and scalable solution to help you meet the business challenges you face such as huge product inventories, narrow margins, diverse downstream customer requirements, long lead times, and unpredictable supply.

But they aren’t the only bumps in the road you might face. Luckily for you, Sage X3 can help overcome many of your business challenges and achieve some of the objectives on your organisation’s roadmap.

Enhance the customer experience with mobile technologies

Mobility, both in the warehouse and out on the road, is one of the major trends affecting your industry—without it, your team can end up being tied to a computer terminal or wasting a customer’s time in the field. Your business can’t afford to be left behind.

Maximise your stock

The key to a successful distribution business is being on top of your stock levels, ensuring that they always meet demand. When inventory management falls short and products aren’t available, customers are left waiting, the experience is poor, sales are lost and cash flow is tied up in excess inventory.

Fixed assets, in the account sense, also have to be kept as low as possible as they represent a significant cost in the annual financial statements and achieving this involves increasingly complex calculations.

Don’t let legacy systems slow you down

  • How many units shipped last month?
  • What’s your most popular item?
  • Who’s your best customer?
  • Which warehouse sees the most turnover?

For distributors still using disparate legacy systems like spreadsheets and homegrown databases, getting answers to these questions in an efficient and timely way can be extremely difficult.

Transport your distribution business towards a more profitable future. Together we can overcome the challenges of a complex and fast-moving industry.

Take control of your stock

Enhanced visibility across your supply chain ensures greater stakeholder accountability from suppliers to customers. Be across all aspects of your inventory, product profitability, order to cash, and warehouse operations so you can stock, pick, and fulfill orders more efficiently.


Ramp up profit margins

Make better purchasing decisions and margins and manage supplier quality and performance. Manage sales force assignments with ease and track corresponding targets and commissions.


Empower your teams

Empower a mobile sales force with visibility into customers, stocks, past purchases, quotes, and promotions through any connected device.

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